Elenko is a new boost for a social and environmental improvement through collaborative strategies for recycling electronic waste. Our challenge is too implant an innovative system which increases the organized recycling culture in the cities.


Elenko is a team of entrepreneurs with a clean idea to improve the social conditions in cities with a new system of recycling through implementing strategies that promote the collaboration of citizens.
Our main aim is to generate a clean atmosphere of collaboration between Public Administration, Companies, Associations and Citizens.

We want to combine the different resources with the experience of the best recycling management in societies and from stakeholders to become an effective and efficient network that allows us to develop a solid recycling culture.
We will work in Extremadura (a region located in south-west of Spain) to implement Elenko. Extremadura owns a lot of natural resources, the main economic resource in the area being agriculture. There is a big rural population and most of the cities don´t surpass one hundred thousand of inhabitants. The resources must be protected to face the pollution produced by E-Waste (Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste).
The particular economic situation of Extremadura (the weakest of Spain), requires new ideas and our proposal strives to generate a dynamic and collaborative system through implementation of successful experiences in other European cities with a large tradition of recycling (e-waste).
We feel that recycling represents great benefits for the society and we propose to improve the health of citizens and environment by making use of the best models in management of wastes implemented around the world.


Kontakt Antonio Duran Sanchez, elenkosocialimpact@gmail.com