The Cartridges System

"The Cartridges System" represents a new architecture of beehive for beekeeping. An innovative beehive designed (or implantable and adaptable module) in order to be less invasive with bees, doing more comfortable the beekeeper’s tasks and reducing the risk of wildfire caused by the "smoker" tool. Maybe, the beehive is the next step of Urban Beekeeping with a safer and practical system.

Albert Einstein said “If the bees disappear the humanity will only have food for 4 years” and he was not too wrong.

The bees have stayed on the earth for more than 100 millions of years, it means, they have overcome “ice-ages” and “various catastrophes” alone…But nowadays, unfortunately, wild swans have many problems to survive. It means, they need our human hands…

In 2010 the EU lost more than 70% of population of bees, it means than 4 million of beehives in one year and more or less 200.000 millions of bees were disappeared or died. Not only, we must invest in biopharmaceuticals to cure the diseases that, paradoxically, we have caused with our productive models, we have to care them much more proactive and develop beekeeping technology less invasive. Not only, we need to care for them a little more, we also need to have more beehives in the world.

In the middle of the 19th century, Prokopovych, Dzierzon and Langstroth were the inventors of the “Mobile Frames System”. It was a wonderful and revolutionary breakthrough because, before, people had to crush the honeycomb and destroy the beehive for getting and extracting honey. Well, but today, what is happening with this traditional system?

Today, it is mandatory to open the artificial beehives. The Beekeeper in the process and in his tasks; when he goes to review, administrate or extract honeycomb, one or two times a year, has to disassemble the bee’s houses, breakes the internal balance and temperature. He also has to lift heavy loads doing very uncomfortable movements.

In addition, he makes fire to blow smoke inside the hive and by doing so disturbs the bees. Actually we are terrorizing them. We do to believe that their houses burn down, then bees come back for picking a little of food due to they are thinking about run away. And then, the whole process is too much stressful for bees and the “smoker” tool can be a reason of wildfire.



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