Oseixo is a process that seeks to influence new dynamics in rural areas from the habitat perspective. Oseixo aims to connect global politics, local initiatives and neo-rurals by social participation and architecture, so an easy access to housing can be offered to people and villages can be reactivated improving the conditions of these territories.

We are an interdisciplinary plattform of professionals who believe in reconsidering the way of inhabiting for a better quality of life in balance with the environment. We aim to foster local dynamics combining traditional know how and innovation through a conscious, sustainable, healthy, participative and social-centered architecture.

In the northwest of Spain there is a big rural depopulation, which has environmental and cultural consequences. Actual economic circumstances involve important residential problems, such as an increasing residential exclusion. The creation of a housing bank will provide an easy access to housing and villages can be reactivated improving the conditions of these territories.

A participative process has several impacts: social links are created between the community and future inhabitants; local economy is promoted with the use of regional materials and suppliers; bioconstruction workshops will also activate local dynamics.

We believe in a conscious architecture that takes advantage of the surrounding conditions seeking energy self-sufficiency, respects the environment using natural materials and puts in value the local architectural culture.

Oseixo aims to improve the quality of life rethinking rural as an opportunity.

CONTACT: oseixo.conxunto@gmail.com