• Seminar room

    For seminars and workshops. The seminar room offers a venue for brainstorming and sharing ideas. We will provide you with flipcharts, projectors and other equipment. The seminar room can accommodate up to 30 people. Costs: EUR 30/hour. - EUR 160/day.

  • Consulting room

    Our consulting room offers a venue for meetings, team meetings and small workshops. The room can accommodate up to 10 people. We can also provide you with any technical equipment you might need. Costs: EUR 20/hour. - EUR 100/day.

  • Event Space

    The event space overlooks the Karl-Heine Canal and is the centerpiece of the lab. The event area offers a perfect setting for your event, conference or cozy evening function. The area can accommodate up to 70 people. Just drop us a line!

Rent: Rooms & Equipment

  • The best location

    The Social Impact lab in Leipzig is based in the Stelzenhaus, an old industrial building overlooking the Karl-Heine Canal in the heart of Leipzig. We offer you an ideal work and event space in a setting that is steeped in entrepreneurial flair.

  • Contact us now

    Are you looking for a place to work in our co-working space or a room to hold a seminar or workshop?


  • The perfect location

    We offer accommodation on three floors, providing ideal facilities for conferences, seminars and social functions.



Die Raumvermietung ist ein Angebot der Arena GmbH



  • Das Social Impact Lab Leipzig ist ein Projekt der Social Impact gGmbH,
    ermöglicht durch die Drosos Stiftung.