• Durchstarten mit Ernterprise

#1 Find your bearings

Orientieren - Damit geht es los.

Do you want to get started right away? All right - you can sign up by dropping us a line or giving us a call. We will start off by arranging an appointment for an initial meeting. Here you can tell us about your idea and what you have done with it so far. We will listen, ask you plenty of questions and give you some initial feedback on your business idea.

Then comes the soc-called “check-in”. Check-in is a whole-day business plan workshop. It involves people that are interested in starting up a business and are willing to participate in our program. After the check-in, we will have a meeting with you to give you feedback on how we assess your start-up project, whether we will be inviting you to join the program and what consulting services we think you will need. If ‘Selbst & Ständig’ is not for you, we will work with you to find other opportunities.

#2 Planning

Planung ist die halbe Miete.

Welcome to ‘Selbst & Ständig’! As an official participant, you will be designated your own personal start-up consultant.

You will be working together on your business plan, defining your product or service and your USP. You will be analyzing your market and your target audience, researching the competition, drafting a marketing plan, drawing up a financial plan and devising a pricing strategy. You will also be attending free seminars on relevant topics such as marketing, the law and book-keeping , which will give you the key entrepreneurial framework for you to manage your own project. You will also get to know other budding entrepreneurs and have an opportunity to build your network. We will also provide you with other experts from our pool of consultants to help you with specific legal, tax or technical issues.

#3 Getting started

Loslegen > Gewerbeanmeldung, Rechtsform u.v.m.

Time to launch your business! You now have your ready-made business plan to hand and can get started. There are now only a few formalities for you to go through.

In the initial phase, we will help you with the following areas: Choosing a legal form, registering with the Finance and Trade Office, applying for a start-up grant and initial bursary, preparing for a meeting with your bank, applying for a bank loan, funding schemes and organizing business operations. We will be pleased to accompany you to meetings and link you up with important contacts in the region.

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